Script Frenzy 2010

Script Frenzy starts tomorrow and it'll be my first attempt at writing a screen play.  I'm doing a bit of a dark comedy/horror/romance script and I'm pretty excited about it despite the fact that the characters are mostly just living in my head for now.  Even though I don't really have much interest in script writing I think Screnzy will be an excellent chance to work on my dialogue and action writing.  Anyone else doing Script Frenzy?  It's not too late to sign up, it's just 100 pages of script in 30 days, and let's face it, scripts are a whole lot white in between all that print.  Don't have an idea?  Maybe stop by, hottie Edward Burns is running a contest for best script based on his log line, winner gets $1000.00 and a chance to work with Burns, and you only have to submit the first 15 pages during the month of April.    

So Buffy is on the back burner, and Script Frenzy is heading to the front of the line.  Plus I have the Readathon on April 10th, which I'm super excited about.  I even took the day off from work so that I can read the entire 24 hours. 

Now I'm off to my book club meeting to discuss Life of Pi by Yann Martel (a great book if you haven't read it yet).<input ... ></input><input ... >

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Yes, I am horrible.  I started on the whole Journey with the Slayer and then I stopped.  In my defense it was right before my vacation and I was having trouble watching Buffy online without getting attacked by various vulgar viruses.  Then I promised myself that I'd buy the complete seasons on dvd (Sam's Club had the entire set for a wonderful low price) but I got distracted by other shiny things (I'm talking about you, Kindle) so BtVS got pushed to the side.  However today I had a little bit of money and a great desire for tv on dvd.  Sam's Club no longer had their mythically low priced dvd set, and so with a heavy heart I set off for Movie Stop.  Lucky for me it was their Buy 3 Get 1 free promotion.  I got 6 of the 7 seasons of Buffy (season 5 was AWOL, but I will find you!) and then also got the first season of Gilmore Girls (much to the dismay of my husband who finds the show too "talky") and the 3rd season of Dexter.  Together with the 4th season of Supernatural that my Hubs bought me for Valentine's day and I have weeks and weeks of entertainment to get through.   My journey with the Slayer will continue!


Sexy Fuddy Duddy

BtVS 2.08  The Dark Age

Gotta love the sideburns on the janitor.  I wish my school library was open at all hours... Man, why couldn't I have been born on a hell mouth?  

He's just steps from the door, will he make it?
Nope, he's denied by Dead Diedre.

Dude, he's not even trying to fight her!  What is he doing with his hands that he can't try to pry off her strangling hands?  Oh, well, I guess Darwin was right.

Huh, blob....

So, is that a nightmare, or an acid flashback Giles is having?  XD

I've had almost that same dream about Gavin Rossdale, only he was singing 'Glycerine' to me whilst massaging my feet.

And Willow loving John Cusack... love that too!

Tweed diapers.  lol

That was so cruel, Ms. Calender. So cruel.

They are gonna doooooo iiiiiiiiitttttttttttt!!

Yes, Cordelia, computers are meant to replace books.

"It's delivery day, everybody knows about delivery day."  

Poor Giles, so not a list I would want to be on.  Dead, Dead, Dead, Me, Other dude that tried to kill everyone with tainted Halloween Costumes in the name of Chaos.

Okay, I realize the Giles doesn't see a whole lot of sun on his bare arms, but that tat is pretty fresh looking for being 20 yrs old....

So, it's a bit like a chainletter of death, once you die, blob takes over and you kill the next person on the list.  Cool.

Let's go down the list, ODed prostitute in slab 1- check.  Middle aged heart attack guy in slab 2- check.  Strangled English guy in slab 3- crap!  Hope he kills me and puts me in his place otherwise I'll catch hell at work!

"Why did he call him Ripper?" pause  "Oh."

Way to ruin the moment with the demon voice, Jenny!

I like the Xander/Cordelia fighting.

Acid on your arm?  What is the demon stupid?

Angel is so good at coming to the rescue!  And looking good!

I don't know Buffy, maybe if you don't wear a tank top your mom won't see that tattoo?  Besides, Giles should pay.

Bay City Rollers rock!
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My Heart Stinks Of You

BtVS 2.07  Lie To Me

"Your heart stinks of her."  Love that line.

Buffy's hair is really blonde....

I wonder how Spike got his name.  Do we ever find out?

I need a Happy.

Ford is hot, but I don't remember him.

Social Faux Pas, Thou Shalt Never mention the song I Touch Myself in front of people, no matter how much they secretly love the song.

Willow JUST got it.  XD

Cold hands, warm heart!

Was that monkeys on Willow's shirt??

Hmmm, something must be up with Ford.  Something always is up with somebody.  

Angillow!!  XD  They are so cute together, but more in the Big Vampire, Little sister kind of way.

Angel is like the James Dean of vampires. So hot.

I love the Xander called Angel dead boy.  

Bangel says the L word!!!!

"Ours is a forbidden love." lol

All you can eat Moron Bar.  Ymm.

Poor cancer boy wants to be a vampire...

I think that could be a hit.  Girlfriend in an Ashtray!

"Uh, where's the doorknob?"  XD

That was unexpected, but I guess Spike is a man of his word.

A Care Bear With Fangs

BtVS 2.06 Halloween

Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!  My favorite time of the year!!!

Can Vampires appear on film?

Hehehe, do the demons find it too commercial?

Cordelia, Date Slayer!

I guess they can appear on film.

Spike and Dru!

Eyeballs to entrails.  Yummy.

Willow has a midriff?

Ozzzzzzzzz!  More Ozzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Latin schmatin, blah, blah, blah.

An ill wind blows.

Buffy feinting, Willow the Slutty Ghost.  Best Halloween ever.

There are just not enough Xena references these days.

Not knowing who you are: That's bad.  Not knowing who Willow is: That's real bad.  Not knowing who Angel is?  That's tragic!

You know, I hope someday Spike apologizes to Buffy for all the times he's tried to kill her.

Why would Willow leave?  She's a freaking ghost!  He can't touch her.


I will not complain about the fact that though Willow is a ghost she still has a shadow, touches things, and makes curtains move.  I will suspend my belief, and recognize the limited budget given to the show in its second season.

Oooooooooooookay, I do not remember Giles with a past!

Buffy is back, and she's kicking Spike's bleached ass! You know, assuming he bleaches all his hair... XD

Oh, please, just let Willow and Oz meet already!!!!!

Buffy and tight rolled sweat pants!!

Do it!!!!

Save Me From A Dull Fate!

BtVS 2.05 Reptile Boy


Run from the monk, run!!

Wait, those aren't monks.  They're just hooded bastards!

More normal, less para. lol

Uh, a Hellmouth is a social life, Buff.

Ooooh, Cordelia's boyfriend is a Skulls and Bones kind of guy, and Reptile boy must fit in some way.

W.O.W, how can you not think Angel is hot?!!

Frat boys suck, and kill.

Cordelia, honey, you are in the Bizzaro world.

The pledges are rocking the Rocky Horror Picture Show look.  Awesome.

Xander has huge tatas!

This could turn into a Very Special After School Movie....


Yes, by all means, please call Angel!

"Any you!  You're gonna live forever and you don't have time for a cup of coffee?"  Love ya, Willow!

Awww, he made time for a cup of coffee. XD

Mummys Are Lame

BtVS 2.04 Inca Mummy Girl

Already hate the title.  I am not a huge mummy fan, although Anne Rice did write a great book called The Mummy, and the first Brandon Fraser movie was great- but mostly because of the hotness that is Oded Feher.  

Ooooh, Sven.  XD

I think we all know what Rodney's going to do!

Ugh, empty sockets!

Mummy with braces, hahaha.

Hating Xander's desperate Buffy love.  Ugh.

I just wish Xander would get laid already...

Ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! hahaha, Wonderland tour. XD

Xander and Inca girl are cute together.  I'm such a sucker for flirting.

Country of White Trash.

I forgot about Dingoes Ate My Baby!!!

Willow the Eskimo!

Did I ever tell you how much I love Oz???

So beyond gross when Impada's arms come off!

I have to agree with Amy, kind of a lame episode.  But at least there was the wonderful werewolf Oz!
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The Introduction of the Spike

BtVS 2.03 School Hard

The principal is such as ass!
The chick Sheila looks like a young Belinda Carlisle

It's a bit ironic that Xander's jinx brings Spike to town.  Although I will say he made quite an entrance.

LOL, Was not expecting to see Spike's vampire face but I blame Amy for that as she has made me look at soooooooooooooooooooo many Spike pics with his "normal" face.  

Gross, he did the blowing smoke out the nostril thing, which of course I find disgusting.  But I've also never been a smoker and I know that on television when a character smokes it either because they are poor, lazy, or evil.  

Ewwww, he said wrinklies!! I will admit, Spike is the least lame of all the evil vampires Buffy has had to fight.  Normally their humor is super pathetic, but he's actually funny.  Drusilla is weird though, and I forgot what a thing they had for each other.  

Can you say guilt trip?  Buffy's mom can!

The couch should touch me from Thursday.  XD

Spike is so very very very blonde.  But good song in the background of the Bronze.

Xander grabbing the tampon like it was a hot coal!  lol

I like the way some British people use the word love as an endearment.  Aaron calls me that on occassion, but without the sexy British accent.  But I still love it.  

Why do all the baddies in Sunnydale always take sooooooo long to attack Buffy.  Wouldn't it have just been better to have attacked Buffy when she was busy with the other vampire?  

"Why do they call it a mace?"  Good change of topic, Will.

Angel will look hot with a belled collar.  XD

Drusilla is such a freak!!!!!!!!!!!  Although, pretty dress.

Coming soon, Spike as William the Bloody!

Go Willow!  She just knocked out a vamp with a bust.

I love how everyone just follows Buffy's order.  I want that kind of power!!

Hahaha, Spike likes them young.  So he and Angel have at least one thing in common. XD

PCP, PCP, Ronald Reagan takes it, Gorbachev makes it, PCP, PCP.  Yeah, showing my age in school yard chants...

I do prefer Spike to the other villians, I really do.  I'm still a Bangel, but there is no denying that the writers have created a great adversary, and the actor is perfect for the role.  Still hate his hair though.  XD

"Someone's in the ceiling."  

I really don't know how Buffy does all that fighting in skirts... lol

Die, principal, die!!

That sucks, I really was beginning to like Sheila.  I always felt like Sunnydale needed a drunk student.

The Anne Rice routine.  Snerk.

I kind of like Angel and Spike together (again, not sexually)

Uh, did Spike REALLY just call Angel and Uncle Tom?  

Joyce saving Buffy and Spike running away.  Sweet, then weird.  lol

It's disturbing that Angel made Spike, because if Buffy gets involved with Spike down the line it's kind of like incest.  

Interesting, the Principal and cops conversation...

I dig how Spike dispatched of the annointed one, it's about time.  XD

Men Dig Up The Corpses, Women Have The Babies

BtVS 2.02 Some Assembly Required

Angel is so not a yodeler.  XD

LOL, I love Bangel.  

Giles and the chair woman.  I <3 Giles.

Aww, I liked Chris for a minute there, in spite of his horribly gross eyebrows.  See, I'm not that shallow!

It'a all Mary Jane's Last Dance-ish.

Femmes.  lol

Poor Cordy!  Always with the nasty discoveries.

karma *coughcough*

Chris' mom is so hot, especially when she blows smoke through her nostrils like some mad bull.  And totatally digging the housecoat.  Super hot!

See, I vaguley remember this episode from years back.  So I'm positive that's when I began watching, although I caught a few random first season eps.  Of course enough time has elapsed so that the episodes aren't boring me.  XD

Willow's shirt is most unfortunate...

"If you take a life to make a life the whole thing is a wash."  LOL

Sometimes Cordelia is just too pretty for her own good!  

Angel and Buffy back in the cemetary, Love makes you do the whacky!

Good episode, but no my favorite.  I was never much of a Frankenstein fan, except for Young Frankenstein which of course rocks.